Kris Allen Wows SE Asia

12 Feb

I have run across numerous articles detailing Kris Allen’s Asian mini-tour from this past week and one thing they seem to have in common is the word “WOW”! I am so happy to see him getting love there, even from the critics. This article just posted by asiaone News is a perfect example:

Oh Kris, you’re such a tease
Fri, Feb 12, 2010

“AMERICAN Idol 2009 winner Kris Allen is so sure of his masculinity that, at his Wednesday gig, he was confident enough to wrap a bright red feather boa – snagged from a fan in the front row – around his neck.
“Why not, right?” he drawled into the microphone, much to the delight of the crowd, largely made up of ecstatic (read: screaming) teenage girls.
He later invited four girls up on stage to dance and sing with him, and they even got to, gasp, hug him at the end.
“Sorry, I’m sweaty,” said the sweet fella apologetically.
At one point he even reached into the crowd to grab a Shrek-themed headband from a fan.
He placed it over his own head before continuing to sing. Thus did Allen prove he knew how to throw a party.
Sure, the 24-year-old guitar toting idol’s demeanor was low-key and casual, as he strummed and sang his way through a 13-song pop-rock set.
But his penchant for kidding around as well as his musical know-how really made the night for his fans, and shone on songs such as his cover of Kanye West’s Heartless, and debut album hit Live Like We’re Dying.
HAMMING IT UP: Showing he knew how to party, Kris Allen gamely wrapped a feather boa – courtesy of a fan in the front row – around himself for his 13-song set.
The spirit of contest runner- up Adam Lambert, who Allen is constantly compared to, was remarkable only by its absence. Live, Allen is so obviously Lambert’s opposite.
And Allen’s gig brought home the fact that he’s a sincere and earnest Arkansas boy – no glittery suits and no guyliner.
Allen, who landed here on Tuesday morning – and who visited the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, according to concert organizer Midas Promotions – seemed to love his Singapore fans just as much as they adore him.
“You guys are just crazy, man, I like it. You guys are awesome,” he said.
His show in Singapore was one of three gigs on his South-east Asian leg, which also covered Malaysia and the Philippines.
It didn’t matter on Wednesday night that he was occasionally drowned out by his loud and enthusiastic band during some songs.
His vocal prowess on covers, such as an acoustic version of Man In The Mirror and Ain’t No Sunshine more than made up for that.
In the end, it was plain to see why people fall in love with him so easily.”

Here are a few links to other articles that reported on Kris Allen and his band mini-tour:
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