KRALLISON at the “MeetBall” in Tampa Bay

14 Feb

It is almost too much to keep up with! Kris and Allison played an intimate show tonight in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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Credit: on picture – taken from twitter

Here is a 1/2 hour of Krallison (Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta) goodness in the form of a live video chat from earlier today before the “Meet Ball” for Tampa Bay’s Mix 93.3 FLZ. They are so funny together and separately.

I will continue to update as media comes in.

There was a livestream and it is actually quite good, after the initial screams, especially “Before We Come Undone”, which sounds so good with the simple accompaniment of just Kris and Cale.

Allison’s Set:
“No One Else”, “Scars”, “Don’t Waste The Pretty”, “Just Like You”

Kris’ Set:
“Heartless”/”Gangster’s Paradise”, “Before We Come Undone”


Mobile Link
Credit: nuryj

“Before We Come Undone”

Mobile Link
Credit: nuryj

“Man In the Mirror”, “The Scientist”. A few lines of a cappella “Empire State of Mind”, “Alright With Me”, “Live Like We’re Dying”.

“The Scientist”

Mobile Link
Credit: thisistaks

“Man In The Mirror”

Mobile Link
Credit: nuryj

“Alright With Me”

Mobile Link
Credit: nuryj

Click picture for gallery from the event, Credit:


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