United Nations Founation Video of Kris Allen in Haiti

21 Feb

The UN released some footage of Kris visiting Haiti.

Mobile Link
Credit: unitednations

Check out these blogs from people over in Haiti that mention Kris’ visit.
Dispatches from a fragile island
Ced says…

David Archuleta also wrote a very moving blog about what he is up to right now and included some moving words about Kris’ visit to Haiti.

It was neat being able to help in the Hope for Haiti telethon and see how much good came from everyone coming together to unite to help the people in Haiti. There’s power in numbers. The damage happened so quickly in Haiti, and now they need to recover from all that has happened there. I was watching the news last night and saw that Kris Allen went out to Haiti to help out. I thought that was so cool. I really look up to him for all that he does for other people. I know that he’s done a lot of missionary work in a lot of different places and countries, and I think people should do things like that more. Even if you aren’t able to go to a different country, you can still help by sending donations to good causes, or help out the people who may need your help even in your own country, state, or town.

Don’t forget to watch American Idol on Thursday, February 25th to see more footage and hear about Kris’ experience in Haiti and if interested and able, donate online or by text message. The donations will be supporting the United Nations Foundation work in Haiti.


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