Kris Allen Supporting Keith Urban: Many Dates Announced

9 Mar

Credit: Getty Images (from 2009 American Music Awards)

Kris Allen Official has added tons of news dates for the upcoming summer and the big surprise is the announcement that Kris will be supporting Keith Urban (opening for Keith) at quite a few of these events! Personally I think this is genius and it is easy to talk my husband into attending because he is a HUGE country fan and I am a huge Kris fan (haha, he is a Kris fan too, so he would have supported us going anyways!) Anything for Kris, right?

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Credit: TVTubeRewind

Here is a quick list of the dates that combine Keith and Kris:

4/23/10 – The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Other Performers: Keith Urban

7/28/10 – California Mid State Fair
Location: Paso Robles, CA
Other Performers: Keith Urban

8/13/10 – Iowa State Fair
Location: Des Moines, IA
Other Performers: Keith Urban

8/14/10 – Indiana State Fair
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Other Performers: Keith Urban

9/4/10 – The Champlain Valley Fair
Location: Essex Junction, VT
Other Performers: Keith Urban

9/9/10 – The Great Allentown Fair
Location: Allentown, PA
Other Performers: Keith Urban

Credit: Getty Images (Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, Kris Allen, and Katy Allen from 2009 American Music Awards)

As always, confirm, confirm, confirm before purchasing!


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