Kris Allen in Rwanda, Africa

27 Mar

As many of you know, Kris Allen is in Rwanda, Africa with TOMS Shoes delivering much needed footwear. His wife Katy is accompanying him. Here are a few updates/articles about how the trip is progressing.

Kris’ Tweets

Woke up in Rwanda. Watched the sunrise and some big birds walk around right next to me. Think Im falling in love with this place already.

went to rwanda genocide memorial today. very touching and moving. cant believe that people could commit such crimes. glad its over.

Bonus: I think this is really cool. A geography teacher (I think it is one of Katy Allen’s friends) is mapping out Kris’ route with her students.

Credit: SarahDuch


@katyallen My Geography students are mapping out your trip to Rwanda on the World Map, so let us know when we can put a pin in Brussels!


@SarahDuch this is awesome! We just filmed video two! It’s a mini tour of the plane!


@katyallen They’ll love it! Here is the route they’ve done so far:

Blogs that mention Kris’ trip:
* Anna in Africa

Kris Allen and the TOMS shoes group arrive in Musanze tonight and the week officially begins! We have a busy week including several shoe drops, filming video footage all over Rwanda, lots of group dinners, and even Kris coming to help me teach a class at Sonrise! I will give more details aobut the week later….

* Am I There Yet

After talking with the TOMS folks for a good while, Kris Allen and his wife showed up (I’m actually typing this post while Kris is sitting right next to me) and we’ve been hanging out with them all night. They’ve been gracious enough to answer all of our questions about their life now and are just extremely down to earth folks.

Will add updates as they come in!


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