Kris Allen in Rwanda: Updates

31 Mar


just sang for the president of rwanda tonight! my life is insane.

Very cool and here is Kris dancing.

Credit: Bridge2Rwanda's Facebook

Here is a blog post from Tom’s that quickly explains how Kris came to be involved in this project.

The parents are out of town. Blake is off inspiring students nightly while telling the TOMS story on college campuses, and our 2nd in command, Candice, departed this weekend to Rwanda.

Candice has been our “Shoe Glue” since she came on a few years ago and spends a lot of time in the field talking to partners and bringing back moving stories about the communities we have an impact on every day.

Her latest adventure takes her to Rwanda with the Bridge2Rwanda team to give shoes to vulnerable children in a region home to 100,000 genocide orphans, where children are at risk of soil-transmitted diseases. Early this year, we connected with a young fellow named Kris Allen – you may have seen him win that kinda popular show American Idol? Not only was he pumped about the One for One mission (and an owner of several pairs of TOMS), he wanted to bring Bridge2Rwanda and TOMS together.

Credit: Bridge2Rwanda's Facebook

Credit: Bridge2Rwanda's Facebook

Kris continues to tweet great pictures, here he features a few Rwandan children.

Credit: KrisAllen

Credit: makehimnotice


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