Kris Allen’s Apperance at the Barefoot Bash is Still On and Bonus Gala Footage

6 Apr

There has been much confusion about Kris Allen’s appearance for the Barefoot Bash in Little Rock in the blog-o-sphere/twitter world. Reports that it had been canceled were rampant, dates were changed, and people were hearing the show would not go on because of supposed “legal issues”. So, I decide to put up another post about it to clear up any doubt about where and when the event is taking place.

According to the Bridge2Rwanda website:

Join Kris Allen for the One Day Without Shoes for Rwanda Barefoot Bash

Just back from Rwanda where Kris placed shoes on the feet of Rwandan children on behalf of Toms shoes and Bridge2Rwanda, Kris will share his experiences and some of his music as Bridge2Rwanda, Heifer International and Toms shoes celebrate exciting partnerships all three organizations have with the amazing people of Rwanda.

Register for event at

Barefoot Bash at Heifer Village with Kris Allen
Wednesday, April 07, 2010 at 5:30 PM

There was an interesting article about all on Fox 16. Please go there and check it out. It talks about how the contract for the Saline Summer Daze event may limit where Kris can perform (i.e. sing) for 60 days before his performance at that fair. The article says he will be at the Barefoot Bash, but only to discuss his trip to Rwanda, and will not be singing. According to the article, if you want to see him perform, go to Saline Summer Daze, which is billed as Kris Allen’s first Arkansas concert since the Idol tour. I bet that place is going to be nuts! Anyways, whether Kris is going to sing or not for the bash, I say get thee to the Barefoot Bash and have fun, without shoes and then get your ticket for the Saline Summer Daze as can never have enough of Kris!

Mobile Link
Credit: myeyesareonyouyeah

Bonus: AI Now has obtained some exclusive footage of the Oxford American Best of  the South Gala and press conference. Click on link to see the Q&A press conference (oh my, this is good stuff, especially the private conversation at the end between Mary Steenburgen, Morgan Freeman, and Kris!) and Kris’ performances  from the night.

Press Conference:

Performances (“Man In the Mirror”, “Is It Over” with saxophone):


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