Kris Allen: Weekend Updates

17 Apr

Credit: (From left to right - Dave Haywood (background vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin Lady A), Hillary Scott (lead and background vocals Lady A), Katy Allen, Kris Allen, Charles Kelley (lead and background vocals Lady A) - Click on picture to join Lady A

Schedule Appearances:
4/17/10 – Atlantis Live

  • Location: The Grand Ballroom, Atlantis Paradise Island Resorts, Bahamas
  • Time: Show starting at 9.30 PM

New blog updates about Kris in Rwanda:

Anna In Africa – Anna’s account of the 1st shoe drop (WOW, I am in tears – click to read more and see some great pictures, plus I love her background, LOL)

It is part of TOMS policy that we literally place the shoe on the child’s foot, to make sure the shoes fit and to have a chance to connect with each individual child. Many of the children came in barefoot or with shoes that were tattered and falling apart. What a humbling experience! To take the dirty, torn feet of a precious child who has never known the luxury of a new pair of shoes and place a bright and shiny new pair of shoes on their feet…and then to watch them walk away with a huge smile on their face, beaming with pride and excitement…there is definitely something humbling about the whole process. I think the most humbling part is to know how much I take my own shoes (or hundred pair of shoes) for granted. To think that I have shoes for every season, for every occasion, in every color…and some of these children literally received their first pair of shoes.

Anna In Africa – The Second Shoe Drop and Freddy’s Story (God Bless these beautiful people!)
Reports from Rwanda – pictures of Kris and Tom Allen

“When I Was 17” commercial (Kris is featured, shows starts May 1st, 2010, on Saturdays @ 11 am eastern/10 am central)

Mobile Link
Credit: h2oconvo

107.9 The End added more video, OUTTAKES, sweet! They are hilarious!
Kris Allen Outtakes
To see more video from that private show, check out this post.

TMZ picked up Kris’ open fly at the Lady Antebellum show:
Mobile Link
Credit: TMZ


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