Sprinklings of Kris Allen

22 Apr

This post is going to seem a little all over the place, so sorry about that, but there has been a lot of random Krisness lately.

Interview with New Country 95.5 KWNR

Mobile Link
Credit: nattttt23

Great interview with FOX 5 from last night at the Hard Rock Cafe (A MUST WATCH)!

Hot 99.5 photo gallery from last night at the Hard Rock Cafe (it is hilarious, remember the Miami Dolphins photos, like those, maybe not quite as funny because those were A+ hilarious, but more random!)

Credit: Hot 99.5

Credit: Hot 99.5

As for what Kris is up to today, I am not really sure.  There was reports on twitter that he was hosting some kind of hush-hush private party in Georgetown, and for some reason there were reports of a CBS Radio Acoustic Show, that was to be in LA.  Anyways, I know what he is up to tomorrow night, that’s right, he is in Las Vegas again, opening for Keith Urban at  The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

New Footage from Barefoot Bash with Kris Allen (this is the event the night before “One Day Without Shoes”)

Another photo gallery, this one is from Mix 94.1 at Pet-a-Palooza:

Credit: Mix 94.1


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