WLRW 94.5 FM Champaign, IL Hot AC

WDNL 102.1 FM Danville, IL Hot AC

WCFS 105.9 FM Elmwood Park, IL Hot AC

WNOI 103.9 FM Flora, IL Hot AC

WAJK 99.3 FM La Salle, IL Hot AC

WKAI 100.1 FM   Macomb, IL Hot AC

WLBH 96.9 FM   Mattoon, IL Hot AC

WNSV 104.7 FM   Nashville, IL Hot AC

WLCE 97.7 FM Petersburg, IL Hot AC

WTMX 101.9 FM Skokie, IL Hot AC *added

WNNS 98.7 FM Springfield, IL Hot AC

WIVQ 103.3 FM Spring Valley, IL Hot AC

WAOX 105.3 FM Staunton, IL Hot AC

WSSQ 94.3 FM Sterling, IL Hot AC

WSTQ 97.7 FM Streator, IL Hot AC

WXLC 102.3 FM Waukegan, IL Hot AC

WYKT 105.5 FM Wilmington, IL Hot AC

WZSR 105.5 FM Woodstock, IL Hot AC


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